Track Workouts

Winter workouts will be at UB North in Alumni Hall at the indoor track.  Meet at the bottom of the stairs (going up to the track) at 6:00pm for drills.




Day: Tuesday

Time: 6:00pm

Where: Adams Field

             1299 Parker Blvd 

             Buffalo, NY 14223

Workout Details:

*IMPORTANT* As restrictions are being lifted and limited group activities become more common, the club would like to stress the importance of respecting social distancing guidelines. Your safety matters, and as we begin to partake in group workouts there is a level of personal responsibility required that we feel you all possess.



1000 meter repeats at 5 k pace with 400 meter jog recoveries. <40 mpw do 5, 40+ do 6




400 meter repeats at 5 k pace minus 6 - 8 seconds per lap with 200 meter jog recoveries <40 mpw do 10, 40+ do 12



20 minute tempo run at 5 k pace plus 3 - 5 seconds per lap. Follow with 6 - 8 100 meter strides.




200 meter repeats very fast with 200 meter jog recoveries. <40 mpw do 10, 40+ do 12

Remember to warmup and cooldown before and after each of these stressful workouts.

Reference paces for all workouts can be found here (

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