Track Workouts

Winter workouts will be at UB North in Alumni Hall at the indoor track.  Meet at the bottom of the stairs (going up to the track) at 6:00pm for drills.




Day: Tuesday

Time: 6:00pm

Where: UB/Alumni Arena

            102 Alumni Arena

            Amherst NY 14260

            (716) 645-3141

** Don’t forget to bring your ID and $5 to buy a track permit each month. This is the information provided on the website. Indoor Jogging Track Permit: Persons presenting picture ID may obtain an Indoor Jogging Track Permit at $5.00 per month. This permit is for the indoor jogging track only, it does not include the general fitness center, swimming pool, racquetball courts, and gymnasiums. The person must present appropriate picture identification indicating that they are at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Permit may be purchased during recreation hours.


NOTE: The track schedule depends on UB holidays and events

Workout Details:

*IMPORTANT* Workouts are to be done solo until further notice. The club will *not* be meeting for group workouts. Please continue be diligent in the practice of social distancing. Members are encouraged to share photos of their workouts on social media. 

Workouts can be done anywhere and at anytime throughout the week.

Week 1

1200 meter repeats at 5 K pace with 400 meter jog recoveries. <40 mpw do 5, 40+ mpw do 6

Week 2

600 meter repeats at 5 K pace minus 5-7 seconds per lap with leisurely 200 meter walk/jog recoveries. <40 mpw do 8, 40+ do 9

Week 3

3 x 1600 meter cruise repeats at 5 K pace plus 3-5 seconds per lap with very short (1-2 minutes) recoveries. Follow with 6-8 x 100 meter strides.

Week 4

300 meter repeats very fast with 100 meter walk recoveries. (Take extra time resting if needed.) <40 mpw do 8, 40+ do 10

Remember to warmup and cooldown before and after each of these stressful workouts.

Reference paces for all workouts can be found here (

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